Discussion Thread - Total War: Berserker Blitz

Hey all,

Please let us know what you think of the Total War: Berserker Blitz event here!


Yes, yes, yes, and more yes! This sounds like a blast


Looks good pitys its only 24 hours and during the week but looking forwards to it


Loving the new stipulations but you guys should make more war side missions to go with the 3 free repairs and faster cool downs .


I feel like wars will never end :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

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Here’s all you can expect in Berserk Blitz:

  • Mercenaries Enabled
    • First Mercenary available after 5 minutes
    • Second Mercenary after an additional 10 minutes
    • Maximum 2 Mercenaries
  • 6v6 battle with a 30 minute Siege duration
  • Camp attack cooldown lowered from 3 mins to 1:45 secs
  • Scouting time reduced from 3 mins to 1 minute
  • First three Camp Repairs take 15 seconds
  • The new Total War rewards

Happy Birthday to me, thanks Scopely.

ALL of this looks very, very good :+1:, minus the 6v6 part and it only being a 30 minute war lol.


I probably already know the answer to this but, I’d like a little clarification on this “First 3 Camp Repairs only taking 15 seconds”, how exactly is this going to work?

Will it Reset for each war battle Or is it you Only get 3 repairs total and once you’ve used them they’re gone and it’s back to normal repair times after that??

:crossed_fingers: Hoping it’s resets and each Battle gives you 3 repairs.

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why on Monday? :pensive:

sound interesting but it should be planned during weekend

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Yes, this is exactly what I was asking for. Cuts out so much wasted time.

Now do it for the weekend wars. Please!

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Love the sound of this… can absolutely power through win or loose be ace to habe such fast wars… long as is 6vs6 haha


Sounds promising.

Very nice to see the increase of cards amount on choice boxes. Should be like this since the first war but okay… 50 Rick cards, 40 Jacki cards now we’re talking my friend.

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This war will be veeeery interesting! Although considering it’s on monday, i’m a bit worried but all this looks like very exciting and promising stuff!

Sounds a great change to war

Right!? Looks awesome! Can’t wait for it (even though it’s a Monday lol)

This sounds AMAZING!!!

I just swooned a little. Hope it works exactly as described!

So what time does it start Uk midnight :man_shrugging:t3:

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You could always move :stuck_out_tongue:

Can’t really comment yet fairly, until the event is underway and I’ve been able to see what it’s like in live action over the course of Blitz.

The rewards so far appear to be fair . I don’t have an issue with wave 1b onwards having 6v6 especially on a weekday where people are working and kids are now off school.

Think being able to have a healthy work, RL, and gaming which is meant to be for fun, balance is good as well as when you participate in events that your rewarded more than adequately to keep you engaged in the product.

Not feeling that your putting your equity to get inadequate rewards back, is definately they way Scopely should be heading and they need more so to understand that equity (being time, in game resources and Money) Is very valuable so for event that require more of it, the rewards should reflect.

Introduction of Mercs is good, maybe tweaking the times may help but again, until I see it in practice, can’t comment fairly.

Lets see how it goes