Discussion about the new armory/5* weapons

First things first, this is a weapon reset that i called awhile back, i told people to not craft so much that an update was coming :man_shrugging: People can say/think what they want, this is a reset like S-class was to 6* toons and platinum mods to gold mods, this was bound to happen. Lets make a list of discussion points.

  1. This is a reset of weapons, no one who wants to be competitive is going to stick to an impair gun when they can now get elusive and impair for example. You get 6 crafts basically, so to not take advantage of that would be foolish. For example, craft huge bonus ap, 40% defense, using all 3 slots, upgrade to a 5* weapon and now craft the 3rd and 4th slot special and then upgrade that 40% defense to 45% defense. All the whales you coined their weapons now get to recraft them if not perfect and craft again when it’s a 5* weapon :moneybag: :whale: :milk_glass: Waiting for 6* weapons and then s-class weapons next :grinning:

  2. The armory token… :roll_eyes: I cant wait to have rewards in events like gear, ascend medals, trainers, torchs, s-class items, etc. Replaced with these tokens and go to craft and fail :face_vomiting: We all know Earl is an ass!


  1. Not being able to disarm the 4th slot special… :man_facepalming:

Some good things tho…

  1. Being able to reset and disassemble weapons while crafting.

  2. Being able to disassemble all 1* weapons for example.

  3. We will have to see but i think the new “look” of the armory/crafting will be better.

Some things that i think should be added…

  1. 100% Critical! For example, we take crit territories and use a polish kit and can have 100% crit.

  2. I recently learned a little trick (not using duct tape) still without territories or duct tape, theirs still a chance of success, this should be removed.

  3. The amount of parts needed to the amount of parts we get is silly, for example, the weapons roadmap takes a lot of energy and we get like 1 hardened spike and 2 duct tape, this brings me to a point i will mention later.

  4. A territory to speed up the crafting time would be nice, of course you need to update and fix the ones we have!

  5. Being able to reset an individual slot, getting 3% for example and having to reset the weapon and lose stun just cause Earl wanted to not give you crit, it hurts, it just hurts. Of course with a way to get 100% crit, this could be solved.

What i wanted to mention…

Scopely is resetting everything, toons, mods, weapons, etc. While a lot of things are still stuck in the 5* or even 4* era! Like the amount of duct tape or weapon parts we get, getting 5* tokens (a really small amount to add insult to injury) as rewards, etc. If you are going to push us into a new era (s-class, plat mods, 5* weapons) THE REST OF THE GAME NEEDS TO BE UPDATED TO THAT ERA!!!

As well as, we have so many other issues that have gone on for years, example, territory crashing, FIX YOUR GAME!!!

Bugs, bugs and more bugs! Today we had the gear map give us this

Not the mention arenas was a disaster today! You keep introducing new things while ignoring old issues and introducing new ones, i am sure some kinda gate, bug, glitch, etc will come with the new armory, oh joy! :raised_hands: GET SOME REAL QUALITY CONTROL!!!

So all new armory, 5* weapons but no town hall update?! Question… Should i bother crafting at all or wait for this town update cause what is to say i craft perfect 5* weapons and then we get lets say a level 30 town and now we get lets say 10% attack/def/hp/crit or an epic bonus to ap when attacking, again resetting our weapons… I know you wont answer that scopely but to the community, remember this…

All in all, i am in the middle with this, some cool new crafts can be made but now i have to re-due my weapons, for example, i have many 35% defense, huge bonus to ap, stun guns and now i have to make these 40% defense, huge bonus to ap when attacking before i upgrade to a 5* weapon then i have to get armory tokens to try for stun for example. :angry: :sob: :face_vomiting:

How do you feel about the update to the armory overall?

  • Love it
  • Hate it
  • Dont care

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Do you think other things such as territory crashing or the lack of gear needed to be addressed before this?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you like the idea of armory tokens?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you like the new 5* weapon effects, 3rd slot and 4th slot?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Dont care
  • So so

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Do you like the weapon reset?

  • Yes
  • No

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Do you think these armory tokens should be easy to acess/f2p?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Take my money scopely

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Do you think these armory tokens should replace rewards? (For example, instead of a lilth, we get armory tokens)

  • Yes
  • No
  • Dont take away my Burts!

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In your opinion, was this needed at all?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Yes but done differently

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How do you feel about not only having your 4* weapons reset but possibly having your 5* weapons reset if we get new town levels amd another armory update to go with the town as i mentioned before?

  • Great!
  • This sucks
  • Ready to spend, spend, spend
  • BlooBlooBloo, i am sad
  • Scopely would NEVER do another reset!

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Too many polls dude, it’s like a low rent strip club in here


Ok, if you say so :grin:

The 3 upgrade lock is a big benefit. If we had to go all the way back down to 0 after the 6th upgrade it would have been devastating. This now makes it so that we craft in the reverse order of what we did before. It was so hard to get a stun on defence for example, that you didn’t want to waste a +40% and Huge ap gain on the risk, so you would always craft for the special first then upgrade from there. As you state, no we will want to do the 1st 3 as attributes and/or ap gain, then we get to lock them in and just keep crafting for the stun. I take this as a benefit since the ap boosts and attribute boosts are far easier to get a desired result on.

The only way I’d be happy with armoury tokens is either if they opened a 4th prize slot for milestones or if they were awarded as log-in prizes. Anything else and it takes away from other things that players are in desperate need of and/or will make it so the gap enlarges even further. I get the idea behind needing them - it means that we aren’t going to be seeing 5star weapons everywhere until months and months down the line, but this is Scopely and that means it will instead just increase the gap.

I like these, and they are good quality of life updates, but they won’t make a jot of difference to your teams and the gap.

Completely agree with all of this.

This is the biggest issue with the game at the moment. Even more so than bugs. Bugs are a temporary thing, this literally slows the whole game down to a slither (thinking slug not snake).

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Btw, 1st poll needs more options… I care, but don’t love or hate it (more like very worried about it depending on how they deal with tokens). Voted in the rest of them though.

Not to be a Debbie downer. … but this is ridiculous.
How much time and resources went into yet another reset.

Things like territories crashes and 6* gear map being ignored.

Very frustrating, and yet not even surprising.

This seems like so many resets in short time.

Vet rings, S class, Platinum mods, 5* weapons… what’s next?

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Just some pics of the new looks and some weapons.

And SC members get a craft skip? Blowtorch, guess Earl got replaced with Wayland…

Things like this one be easier to stomach if they actually improved game play in other areas.

Example: add more things to milestones, 3 slots is entirely to out of date.
Increase the amounts of certain achievements.

Like SR, we get 9750 league tokens for completing the entire thing, which is half the amount for even a GPS/Canteen.


No need for them to do that when people throw money at them for everything. I’ve said before, if i was selling lets say, a can of instant water, just add water and i have lets say 100 customers, 10 complain and leave, i raise the price to make up for that loss, 90 customers remain and continue to buy, some complain here and there but i still make money, what is my incentive to change?

Why? If people want to waste materials, let them. The game strongly hints that you probably shouldn’t do this, so it’s not a new player trap. And there is a very limited number of circumstances where it is useful.

Then you can’t guarantee the Epic crit though. I haven’t fully thought through the many new options, but, say, adding the chance to slow the enemy is probably better than a few points of stats.

Aye the special or the epic, depending on which one you want to guarentee (over time of course).

You can guarantee both by doing the special trait first on the 4* version, then the epic trait first on the 5*. That’s probably the way I’ll do it at least.

A weapon with good crits on both should be usable even if a stat upgrade is only +3 instead of +5, or very large instead of huge.

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the 5% that wants armoury tokens are the super whales who think a huge portion of the game should be cut off by free player and casual spenders

Fair point

Without duct tape or the success territories, theirs still a chance of success, if this was removed and to get any % of success you have to use duct tape or the territories, this would take away that little chance of success, making it so you either crit or fail the weapon craft. I would rather fail the craft than have 24%, 3% or very large bonus. Or we could guarantee 100% crit, polish kit + crit territories = 100% crit, that way we can avoid the 3% or very large bonus, still have to use polish kits and duct tape and scopely can keep monetizing them, it’s a win-win for us the players and scopely.

Reset is needed once in a while to allow new players, even large spending new players, any sort of chance to catch up to players who have been here for years. Don’t worry, you all will still have dominant weapons since you already have 50 different perfect 410-430 weapons to fall back on while you work on 5*s.

Only thing I’m worried about is having TOO many effects going on at the same time. ARs, actives, mods, leader skills, and now two dynamic weapon skills. Gets to be a lot, and too much to strategize for in the 15 seconds you get to scan 5 toons in a raid without running out of time

That’s not how the system works, as far as anyone can tell. If the success chance is zero, you can’t get a crit either. Not using duct tape doesn’t affect your chances of getting the good result, it’s just a waste of materials and time. Doing so is simply superstition resulting from small sample sizes.

There was a long discussion about this in March of last year, with @mountkay and me arguing this with math, and I ended up writing a simulation that does millions of crafts to see if lowering the success probability leads to a greater chance of getting the critical result on your weapon; tl;dr it does not.

(addendum to that thread: the one roll hypothesis can’t work, or any successful craft would, if the chance of a crit is higher, lead to a crit result. This is not the case, so it has to be two rolls, and therefore not using DT is a worse strategy with regard to everything but saving DT)

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ive lost interest in this game as of late so not bothered, xmas is coming , the city i live in has a buzz about it new events and things to do have popped up or are starting to pop up and its a really exciting time.
Those are the things im excited and looking forward too and will be spending money on, not the things in a game that for me is fast becoming too much graft and taking too much time to be worthwhile.


We have a way to get 100% success, we should have a way to get 100% crit :man_shrugging:

Wayland fed earl to the walkers. Jk earl retired since he got tired of â– â– â– â– â– â– â–  over ppl.

That aggressieve chainsaw shotgun looks scary and ridiculous