Discrepancies in costs for trainers in Faction Assault Depot


I’m confused… I’m hoping this is a bug, but I’m not really sure.

I’ve found that there’s a difference in the cost for the trait specific Active Trainers in the Faction Assault depot. Now, this could be found in other items, but I’ve just specifically noticed it with the trainers.

Has anyone else noticed this? Or with any other items in this depot? I would suggest everyone be aware of this, before you go on and spend your assault markers on items that have inflated prices.


If I remember right the more expensive one is supposed to be the universal trainer. Low priority in terms of fixing it since that’s from quite a while ago.

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Oh wow, I don’t pay much attention to this depot, I figured this was fixed a while ago.


well sheesh. I’ve been wondering where the heck my liliths and ulysses were in that depot. Just kept getting shirley’s at a bunch of random different prices… It’s certainly slowed down my trainer acquisition progress. Thanks, Scopes.