@discobot armas 5*


cuando liberareis las armas de 5*


Translation: “When will you release 5* weapons?”

According to Dash per 5ish months ago “not current plans”’.

Also, are you joking or seriously talking to Discobot? :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Are we going to have 5* weapons in the near future?
@discobot fortune


:crystal_ball: It is certain


There you have it, the bot cannot tell a lie.


Discobot gon get you in trouble, Scopely. :joy:


ok thanks… yes I am joking… what is “”“According to Dash per 5ish months ago “not current plans”’”"


“Wish we hadn’t implement that damn bot, he’s ruining us.”


jajajajaj yes! the bot is a Little boy, the boys can"t lie


That actually occurred much more recent than I thought. Anyway, I’d rather that happened as late as possible, let’s get through this 6* thing first lol. I don’t even know how 5* weapons are going to work if we have 6s with unremovable 4 weapons.


ok thanks i am very disappointed because they dont have any plans for release the 5* weapons