Disassemble weapons


I welcome new and poorly understand English. I’m annoyed by undressing weapons one by one. The whole number (1 *) (2 *) was decided?

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  • No
  • Maybe

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if I am doing something wrong, I am asking for directions, I am using the translator


Just FYI you can dismantle all weapons of a type by long-pressing the weapon and it selects however many of the same weapon you have, up to 100 at a time. It’s obviously a lot quicker.


I mean to spread out 3,000 weapons at a time


take 5 mins every time you hit the cap and get rid of all of the shite.


Yes, I know, translation error. But I too enjoy taking off the clothes of my in game rifles.


Did you hard press ( hold down the button on the weapon you wish to make nekid)?


I just discovered it after three years of playing! thanks


Тоже самое

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