Disarm vs Walkers - bug?

Just noticed my Disarm Michonne getting stunned by a walker on Survival Road and then taking reflected damage.

I always assumed, possibly wrongly, that disarm worked in the same way for walkers as human enemies and therefore Michonne would be immune to reflected damage, stun etc.

I tend to auto the whole way through SR these days so can’t say I tend to watch the stages with any great attention. Therefore this might have always been how it worked and I’m just being an idiot.

However, given I’m on the beta, and we all know how bugs like to creep in, I wanted to raise it.

Disarm normally has worked on walkers. I take mich and bruce on those stupid early reflect stages just for that purpose.

It’s in the patch notes which for some reason haven’t been posted on the forum, or if they have I can’t find them:

Fixed an issue where users still had some characters with multiple mods of the same effect
Fixed an issue where the user’s characters’ HP bars would still visually show the Maim indication after it’s already been cured
Fixed an issue where some Adrenaline Rush curing effects got resisted by the character’s own team’s mods
Fixed an issue where walkers and the faction boss could get disarmed even though their effects aren’t weapon related
Fixed an issue where killing an enemy by maim from an active skill would cause the enemy to not actually be dead (Morgan’s active skill)

So yeah, something that’s been used for over a year is a “bug”, sounds familiar!


Well in fairness to that, disarm works on weapons. How do you disarm a walker with an inherent ability?


Well this sucks


That makes sense, especially when reading the description of Disarm.

Typical Scopley though, fixing a feature which turned out to be a bug. Yet again.

Whaaaaaaaaaaat? I’m so sad right now… mich was so good for reflect walkers:(

Now we will make all sr stage 1 reflect damage zombies! Muahahahaha! -scopely

Man that sucks I used disarm for stun and impair walkers. Why must they fix things that don’t need it lol :-1:


Maybe those walkers had reflect mods those are not affected by disarm either :wink:

Better question is how do these walkers have inherent abilities…
Maybe they were bewitched lol

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Same could apply. How does hitting someone holding a pistol stop them from acting for some time even with a ranged weapon :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Lol

Oy vey goyims! Don’t question the Scopely logic. That’s enough “critical thinking” for you, now go look at the offers page for some shiny new coins.

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Technically, that patch note says they can’t be disarmed, meaning their special skill can’t be disabled for 2 turns. There is a 2nd part of the disarm skill that says that the character can never be affected by a skill activated by hitting someone. Is that changed as well?

Yes you’re right, the patch note applies to second part of disarm skill.

And my thread is bitchin’ about the change to the first part

Very true I’d like to know how a walker with no weapon just stuns me from a distance when shooting a gun at him.

That’s nothing! If you shoot them in the head, half the time you just die for no reason.

Fix this shit. Reflect from a walker should never be more than 10% of your hps.

Walkers are op asf and can attack with magic voodoo powers

I can confirm this is an intentional design change.

As Walkers do not concretely hold weapons, there should be no reason that the Disarm status effect should affect them :slight_smile:

It is also a required change, to cater for upcoming updates down the road, that justified it too - more details to come :zombie: