Disarm spacialist don't disarm despite critical hit

I bet most have noticed this I have my disarm fully equipped with crits weapons mods still even he fail the crit hit so often or just hit crit but no disarm it happened so often in this war

no idea dont use a disarm any more

My disarm still works but doesn’t crit so much during war

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I’ve not had it happen to me yet. There is a disarm resist mod now so that could be part of the problem


Disarm resist?

That’s another subject, I didn’t say I have problem with disarm resist

I don’t often use disarm but I had noticed it doesn’t seem to be activating as much as it used to. Could be a coincidence though, I don’t use it enough to be sure.

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is is possible that the part you are not disarming is the 4th epic slot? Do you have video by the way

Dude r u for real? Y bringing something that r not there? Everything is mentioned who said anything about 4th slot?

you’re saying he crits but doesn’t disarm. Video will make it apparent so if there is an issue it can be solved. I’m not saying disarm resist. Also fully equipped with crit mods - crit chance is the only one that effects disarm so it’s helpful to cover all bases. People miss things, just trying to help seeing as I can help escalate this if a problem exists

No the enemy player has a resist mod stoping you from disarming them or you ain’t hitting crits which if that is the case get a 30 crit weapon such as the precise Lucille and mod it the way you want the rest of the weapon to be

Stopped using michonne entirely she seemingly never disarms

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Disarm definitely isn’t working as well as it used too…Harper is still in my attack team and very useful but this war it’s been less than 50/50

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Just your luck

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Last few crws my disarm barely wants to disarm and idk why and I have crit everything to

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Yep sounds bang on the money (or lack of!)

yup, me too… it doesnt work

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