Disarm resists ends 6* era

They pretty much torched 5* with stat bump but with s class they doubled down with this mod resist. It already takes a long time and no bad luck to beat s class teams. Now you can forget about 6s having any chance when your team is stunned and abs0ed mercilessly.

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Game will still play out the same

No way try s class teams with no disarm I did today stood zero chance.

How do you figure?

Disarm has worked like shit since earl came out anyway


I haven’t used disarm in a while and still do quite well for myself


People will still spend, people will still complain, the gap will get wider and scopley will not care. Since priya,laopo and rat are basically free i give them a month or so before they are out classed.

History repeats itself bring in 6 stars and make the 1dt few free then make p2w exclusive


Every toon still have only two spots for every resist mod. Not everybody have a decent disarm to play, disarm works by RNG even if you have high amount of crit and at current meta disarm can’t do shit against powerful defenses with higher stats thanks to veteran rings and not to mention the S Class. Do you really think smart players will change their anti stun/impair/taunt to use a mod what they don’t need?

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Yes pete will be a complete pain with disarm and stun resist.

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Disarm against Pete is useless since his weapon special skill works only when the match start.

His weapon stat isn’t super special or good to begin with anyways.

I don’t think Disarm resist will kill the meta, but it will make players use more interesting choices or Stun becomes more popular.

Wait earl was before disarm I believe…

Disarm earl…didn’t specify this because the topic is about disarms…guess I should have.

Ohhh I was confused…everyone calls earl the dude in the armory. I know the armory was before disarms. :man_shrugging:

Indeed that very man

Maybe you facing all new Pete’s but most I face now have stun


Some with the 8% why you think meta shifted so quick

It’s pretty stupid of them to release powerful characters like Doc Stevens,Raven,Zachary,Bide then slap in some of these S-class characters. If I bought any newer 6 star i’d be pissed TF off with this new stuff and probably quit right away.

The people who bought 5* priya didn’t quit nor the people who bought 6* blue michonne.

Disarm neutralized a lot of op weapon combos. Not sure how a disarm resist is history repeating itself.