Disarm not working


Both michonne and louis hit critical but no disarm
This isnt what did i pay for



I noticed this as well earlier I was friendly deuling a Erika team and Michonne didn’t crit not even once out of 5 turns and she had crit mods and crit on her weapon


Maybe because she was stunned? Thats the only conclusion I could come to on this video


It’s possible. Disarm only lasts 1 turn right? It might be a case of avoided redundancy since Stun can replace Disarm.



So what if they are stuned? Stun dont have anything with disarm


Well stun basically disarms the enemy anyway. Stops all conditional weapon effecst



This is the proof when they are stuned it must disarm it


What about Disarm only shows if the character has a weapon that could be effected by Disarm?

Eg: A character with a basic weapon can’t get Disarm status because it wouldn’t matter if it applied.


I was just about to mention that. I think you might have nailed it.


That’s what I was wondering about when I saw this post. If there is nothing to disarm does disarm actually proc?


So disarm is only for special status of weapons?


Yup, that is correct.



Not fair


So it only effects third weapon slot?


That’s the point of Disarm. Totally negating base weapon stats would be too overpowered.


Try raiding without disarm. It will show the f2p side. Disarm is a total, buyable cheat code. Think Game Shark for raiding.


You guys already answered it but yea, if a character has say 30def, 30attack and 30 hp on the weapon, disarm will never proctor.


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