Disarm Missing from Specialist List


Most of the specialist skills in the game are listed in the new menu button at the bottom right of every PvE map. Except Disarm. Any chance that could be added? I was using it for high res pictures of the specialist icons, and I need that one.

@CombatDevIl, @CombatMan, @Agrajag


I’ll look into why its not showing up there

In the meantime, you may wanna check out the Combat Reference Guide megathread :wink:


Very nice, thanks!

Any other asset stashes I might have missed? Already grabbed the streamer kit


uhhh I was just adding those specialist skills there while you posted this and now im going through and putting in the status icons. nothing else i’m aware of myself



Well if the fonts for the name, subtitle, and stats, tier symbols, attack/defense/health symbols, or other assets present in the character roster cards were made available somewhere, I’d appreciate it. Would save me some erasing.

Thanks again!


Good catch!

I would’ve missed it if I wasn’t looking for it to use in a card I was making. But hey, I’ll take it.

You notice anything else?


Its called “Big Noodle Titling” :slight_smile: