Disarm Michonne Pull Attempts

My attempts in trying to gain another Disarm in my roster. Enjoy!


Glad you got what you wanted, but damn Scopely got paid with those 4 big pulls. Some decent other toons too. I did a ten pull and a single pull for her all 4* toons, as strictly a monthly pass player don’t think I’ll ever save up for a 40 pull.

After 32k coins you are,saying thank you. Scopely really has it nice

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Thank you :slight_smile:. My normal pull ritual was off and I think that was the reason for not getting it on the first 40 :stuck_out_tongue:. I need to go back to the altar and start sacrificing things again.

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Would have sucked if you only got that first non ascendable blue michonne on your last pull. Congrats.

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