Disarm Louis costs less than a regular priced 40 pull

Kinda surprised I didn’t see much mention about this, but Louis is priced rather cheap for a Disarm character, especially at a guaranteed rate.

Buying those collectible crates(assuming you only get the guaranteed 200 exhaust pipes), only costs 7,975 coins for Louis. At a 50% rate for 100 additional exhaust pipes, it’ll cost much less. If you’re an F2P player who’ve been saving up coins, Louis is practically F2P. I don’t recall if the premium roadmap costs were a better deal, but I could be wrong.


There a reason why hes priced so low…hes gone to shit barely disarms anymore😂…still a great toon never the less

I payed a total of $31 for him. $16 out of pocket, $15 in google rewards. Super cheap.

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Problem is The levels are Nightmare and I can’t finish on my free to play account.They demolish your team lol.

Don’t be fooled by these gimmicky roadmaps and deals.

this would be better if they Just sold him for coins.

He did with the red tower last weekend haha. But yea, that tower has ruined raiding for me this week lol.


They did sell for coins as mentioned in my posts…

Thought i was tht only one tht noticed and he is packed out with crit

ahh this would be cool

The premium roadmap is great, bringing back useful promos at fixed rates. No one really enjoys pulls lol.

Still can get some money from spending players or allow savy f2p who stock up coin to dive in before you give them away in token wheels or what not. If its close and palatable enough it will get light spenders to jump in for the guarantee.

But as i write this watch the next batch be completely useless and generic toons.

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Modest spend, and most importantly it was a gauranteed maximum spend. Sure I could have got lucky on spark plugs, but about £30ish and I got canteen, GPS, bunch of trainers and a pretty damn good character

So which ended up being a better deal in general? Buying spark plugs for roadmap or buying exhaust pipes?

I did a combo of the two, and only spent $31.The 2 $7.99 with 30 plugs each. 1 $4.99 offer with 10 plugs. And a $9.99 offer with 400 pipes and 20 plugs. I also had the 10 free plugs from the previous collection.

Didnt want anything to do with the rng bags in the featured section of the shop. I like sure things.

Got him on a ten pull from a coin sale. Did I get him lower than this steam pipe event


The pipes were cheaper.

I think it was cheaper to buy the deals. I got one for 800ish pipes, couple of deals for plugs and spent some coins on plugs.

The early deals (£7.49 with a decent amount of spark plugs) would have been cheaper, but I would have had to do Act 1 and 2 to get Louis, whereas I managed to get him by completing Act 3 with the Canteen and GPS

You paid too much…i got one offer for spark plugs for 14.99 and another for 4.99 that got me louis…smh

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