Disarm Louis $100 is he worth it?

Is it worth spending $100 on louis?

Do you have a disarm?

Yes considering it comes with a stun gun!


Louis is a boy ffs


It’s a he.


ha ha ha no totaly no

Nothing in this game is worth $100.


Louis can be whatever he/she wants to be. But I’d say they are worth it considering they come with a stun gun.


If you have the money then why not, a great toon & weapon.

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If you don’t have a disarm… it will totally change your game.


Compared to the usual crap offers this one is not bad

HE is worth whatever you are willing to spend.

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Here is the correct answer:

  1. Do you have a Disarm currently? If so, he’s not worth it. If not, move on to step 2.
  2. Are you willing to spend $100 on the game? If so, he’s worth it. If not, continue to complain on the forum about F2P being at a disadvantage.

Bonus advice: Disarm is currently the biggest game-changer, so if you were ever going to spend money on this game, now is the time.


I have two disarms but a 3rd would be useful.

Imo it’s a great deal. Don’t sleep on the stun gun. You can reset it.

Ultimately, it really depends on your roster. If you have Tara or Alice, he’s a must really (unless you have Bruce for Alice). If you have blue michonne and you use her behind Andrea, it might not add to much value to your team by swapping out michonne for Louis (even though 58 ap allows you to not add any ap on attack to a weapon and make it higher crit and attack).

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Louis is definitely worth the 100 bucks. Funnily enough I asked for a Louis promo in my faction’s Line chat yesterday and here he is :heart_eyes:

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True that… I was blessed by RNG goods a few months ago tho, :innocent:

But bottom line he is goooood a little squishy but awesome against meele defenses

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If you’re one of the players complaining about how there needs to be more disarms, then yeah, he’s worth it.


what is your worth is the better question?