Disarm Failing Way too often lately

I have a Harper with +40 crit on weapon and +42 Crit Chance % Mod but this is the first time during War that I am constantly failing on disarming my opponents. Usually it happens from an uncommon occurrence but after warring (I’m close to 100k points) for quite a while now, I am getting way more than annoyed and frustrated.

Is anyone experiencing the same thing? I have a fac member who complained as well and it’s also his Harper and also has a +40 crit on her weapon and a +40 Crit Chance % mod.


It’s really random, sometimes more noticeable than not. I run 40 crit weapon, crit mod, and Abe’s +36 crit too. Sometimes Harper would not crit twice in a row due to the decreasing marginal returns model for crit.

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Tin foil time, what if…since everybody and their mother has a disarm now, the effectiveness was tinkered with. Discuss


Nonsense. They’d just bring out 9*s instead


Please devs, please help :frowning: I spent so much to get this Harper and I legit want to throw my phone when Harper fails to Disarm (worst when she fails to disarm twice in a row way often now)

@GR.Scopely ?

My disarms have been way less since they tinkered with the AI a while back, and I’ve noticed it’s even worse this war then usual

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same here!!! oh someone else with the same issue <3

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Went several battles in a row without disarming a single toon. They tinkered or my luck of a 35 crit weapon and a 45 crit mod was just extremely poor. But when the defense hits their EVERY time it sure is frustrating.


This is why we don’t nerf crit and not other things.

This is from diminishing effects on higher stack. I only put a crit mod on my Harper and she disarms no issue

My disarm has been working fine.

I noticed it too since war started, idk, maybe just trash rng

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Theoretically, the diminishing effect applies at all levels. The impact is just more noticeable once it gets higher. So even your crit mod alone will be impacted by diminishing effects, just not as severe.


You guys don’t think they gave the F2P a free disarm in leagues store then they didnt turn it down do ya? No company would do that to its players.

Been having the same problem with Bruce for a few months

Of course it’s not activated as much on offense on purpose

Faced a zeke who only had 30 crit and his guardian activated all four turns :joy:


Dwight lead, blue tower, 40% crit mod 2x Michonne dont disarm for 2 turns quite often. But Louis without crit lead disarms almost every time :man_shrugging:

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I was just going to say this about guardian, for awhile now it seems to be 100% to happen in defence teams and always for the shield.

Yup notice it all the time. Enemy guardian seems to procure damn near 100 percent as well even with no crit leads. Magic of scopes horrible rng

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