Disarm Earl - Looks bad on paper, but good in practice

And just to back this up with numbers…

Lets say we give both a double attack weapon and the chance to proc was 1/3.

Looking at the tower with 30 vet rings, Earl has 2583 damage. A rush with 3 attacks would have 1 proc of double attack. So:
3 x (2583 x 1.5) + (2583 x 1.5 x 1.5) = 17,435.25

Since Michonne only deals 2 attacks, I will assume we rush 3 times for the sake of simplicity. Earl will have 9 (3 rushes x 3 attacks) rush attacks and 3 procs of double attack, Michonne will have 6 rush attacks (3 rushes x 2 attacks) with 2 procs.

So Earl does 3 x 17,435.25 = 52,305.75 damage in 3 rushes.

3 x 2 x (2742 x 3) + 2 x (2742 x 3 x 1.5) = 74,034 damage in 3 rushes.

To be honest, that differs by a lot. Even without double attack, Michonne would do 49,356 raw damage from her rush, which is less than 3k short of what Earl does with double attack.
Looking at the regular attacks between the rushes, Michone makes up for that because she has higher base damage.

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? Fantasy numbers lol. Reminds me on the ‘Jessie is sooo OP thread’.

Let’s not get crazy over numbers. Just play the game and play what suits your attacking style the best.

Umm what? You consider the stats on the character cards to be fantasy numbers?

The point is, just looking at the raw damage these 2 toons are able to dish out, Michonne is better by far.

The selling point for Earl for many folks here is the possibility to add a double attack gun. But then again even with double attack Earl is not as far ahead as he is made out to be.

That’s like comparing 2 attack toons but giving one a full fledged attack mod set and the other one HP and DEF set and saying the first is the better toon because more damage.

Or saying that veteran rings will close the gap between 6* and S-Class, completely ignoring the fact, that S-Class can put on rings aswell.

The only number I assumed here was double tap having a chance to proc 1/3 of the times. But there were some threads about chances of weapon procs and I think the conclusion was, that ‘better chance’ was either 25% or 33%.

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Pretty sure many of us were saying he was way better than people were thinking

Many people were comparing Earl to Michonne as well they should. The only thing that might have made her better was her weapon which can be debated because it’s bound and not as versatile. Give Earl a double tap and he actually does more damage. Or u can lower his attack to not trigger Payback which will make his defense way better than Michonne. It’s just personal preference which u think is better

btw ur attack team need some changes olivia should be replace with some damage dealer or vommond toon specialy whrn u already hve diego

Plus Michonne’s weapon which is always useful, for the default confuse on it.
I have Michonne in my ranged attack and I also bought Earl… haven’t even ascended him yet!
He could be useful against Negan, but so are alot of other toons! My ranged attack can take out a Negan, first round, no rushes used. I simply attack him first, as I run a 4 tough toons team. So I’d always choose Michonn over Earl. :slight_smile:

Pretty sure I responded to the guy who said Earl has a higher damage output.

I don’t think many would chose giving Michonne double attack over her confuse but I could be wrong. I think Earls versatility give him a slight edge over Michonne. Just my opinion though. Point is many took a very quick look at his card and just threw a hissy fit and called him trash. He’s far from it

I always said he is okay, albeit a very flat toon.

Regarding the weapon and flexibility. Yea, you could probably switch weapons, but hand on heart do you actually do that?

Most people crafted a crit + double tap gun for him put that on and that’s it. Earl is dependant on crit for his specialist skill to be effective. And folks don’t have tons of Crit weapons crafted.

Looking at Michonnes weapon… This imho has an edge over Earl. You can’t craft it, it definitely is very helpful in raids and she doesn’t fall off damage-wise compared to double tap Earl (see calculation above).

The only real advantage Earl has is (likely) not triggering payback. But then again you have to keep his attack low in order not to get into the payback triggering range. He still is prone to Bide (which you’ll often see alongside Payback). And you can circumvent Payback with regular attacks anyways.

But there’s no much options that can make Earl’s versatility better than Michonne’s weapon IMO.

I just ascended earl, what mods are good for him?

I changed his weapon out when I know I’m facing a Negan. Double tap could trigger Payback when a single attack wont


Michone = consistent 600 rush
Earl = consistent 450 rush (double shot having three chances of boosted 225 hits)

He often doesn’t outdamage her, but he can .

Imo, either way, if you’re trying to make your disarm your hardest hitter. Then I consider you doing it wrong .

Impair on attack can still throw off the enemy, especially with ap drain mod added. If you triple attack and impair first hit, then you have a chance to entirely deplete the AP of said enemy. Add in his stun active and he technically is more versatile.

Unless you have an AP down mod, impair won’t deplete the enemies’ AR. If the enemy has a shield, impair is pretty useless compared to what confusing the shield can do.

Right, I agree she is better. But that doesn’t make her permanently more versatile. I’m in full agreement with people who said they didn’t make him correctly . They gave him low damage output and no flavor ( such as buffs on team or debuffs on enemies)
I’m only stating that he can be made usable, but I’m not removing Harper for either of them.

Didn’t pick him up because I have Bruce and michonne is now available in 5* recruits so didn’t bother wasting points and it paid off for me

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