Disarm Earl - Looks bad on paper, but good in practice

When I first saw this guy, I thought he was absolute trash, and so did many others. However, after using him for a bit, I actually think he’s pretty good, and I don’t even have him maxed yet.

Now, while his AR is objectively worse than other disarms like Harper, his 3 attack gimmick actually still works really well, especially if you load up his attack stat, though I really wish he would get something added to his AR.

His active skill is also pretty useful, when it pops up.

All in all, a good F2P disarm. I feel bad for anyone who didn’t pick him up


I didn’t pick him up and I have no regrets as I have two other ranged disarms.


If by good, you mean he can deal damage, any other character can do that too when you combo them with Diego.

Not exactly trashing Earl either, but it seems like based on your team composition, what’s making Earl good is that he can deal damage with Diego’s defense down.

Replace Earl with any other character with a decent damage AR and you’ll see similar results. Replace Diego with any other character with a defense down debuff and you’ll also see similar results.

Heck, I use Chris in combo with Harper and I get decent results too.

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I thought he was trash too but I gave him a double attack gun and he proved me wrong…Very useful toon especially against payback Negan


One word…Michonne


If you pump him out with crit set with a damage mod. Then give him a good lead… He can outdamage michone when done correctly . I don’t use him purely because the current meta needs a bit more than pure damage

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There’s no alternative to what Diego does currently

Harper replicates his defense down well. Dale too.

I kind of like Harper’s better . Even though it’s 15% less…it guarantees all enemies get reduced def . Even if guardians shield.

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Haha you waited until just after we started a new league and people couldn’t pull him anymore before you posted this. Well played.

I agree he is a decent toon (I have a perfect 200 bleed mod on him though to cause 600 bleed on AR so I may be a bit biased).

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There’s pros and cons. I’d prefer Diego because his Impair makes him really useful too, but Harper’s 50% atk debuff isn’t something to mess with either.


True, plus it’s easier for me to prefer the one I have .

If you had a double attack weapon could that potentially be 600-1200?

Yeah. And Sergio can potentially deal 2000% damage with a double attack weapon. Another nice toon.

Double attack weapon doesn’t have the bleed stack unfortunately but multiple attack AR does. So 600 is the maximum.

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He was meaning the bleed damage.

I was kidding

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I use Earl as well and I can attest payback negan is Earl’s bitch.


Yeah the Sergio part just registered lol

Wrong. Michonne has more raw damage. So if you apply the same mods, same lead, same weapon stats to Michonne (and that’s what you’d actually do in a fair comparison) Michonne will always outperform Earl damage-wise.