Disarm bluechonne and reflector damage

Today during a raid vs another player, dissarm bluechonne was killed by reflect damage weapon.
Can this be possible or is a bug?

Maybe it was a mod reflect damage


Happened to me. Don’t know the answer. I just got over it.

Its the reflect damage mod. No bug.


Yes , i confirm.

Reflect damage on mod affect desarm thus check it before rush

Reflect damage mod as explained

Michonne uses a regular attack on her ar. A reflect damage mod can kill her. Happen quite frequently for my Louis this weekend. Very frustrating when it’s the last kill and you lose a toon.

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Da reflect mod fo’ today

I knew they changed this for zombies - they said a stun zombie isn’t using a weapon so disarm doesn’t make any sense (though I guess a magical zombie that stuns you if you hit it does…)

Reflect is odd since its a mod that does dmg, rest is all resists and stuff that buff actual attacks by the player. I’d expect it was overlooked, since it sounded like the change was really meant to alter Zombo levels, not pvp.

Then again, just wait until we have ‘stun’ mods for sale on offer that invalid disarm n the same way. Once everyone has disarm, I wouldn’t doubt that new revenue stream being exploited by our buddies.

This isn’t a new change. Ever since mods have been out reflect damage has affected all toons that use normal attacks for and adrenaline rush

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