Disarm and Decap

There should be no more complaining about being f2p and not being able to have access to a disarm and decap.
If you don’t get at least a disarm by the end of the Road Warrior event then you just didn’t grind hard enough. Get over it.


I doubt many people want to use 100 or so cans to get the tires…


Then they don’t want it bad enough. Constantly raid off of free energy then use cans to civer the spread.

There will be a lot of people who don’t get either. If you want to do this for free, you’re going to need to hit every milestone, beat the difficult road maps, and raid a lot. You will still hear people asking for more access to these specialists.


Trust me, wanting it bad enough and not having the correct amount of cans or not wanting to use those cans are not the same thing.

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I personally believe Bruce would be better as you cam set a stun to him and crit mods that make him do massive damage.
Sandy would have to be secondary as her rush still enables her to become stunned or have it negated by a abs d even with stun a resist mod.
A disarm negates that.

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I am doing it right now and almost have enough already for Bruce off of f2p status.

Because you spent 100 or so cans. Re-read my last statement.

Almost have enough already as f2p… ummm what?

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Now here is the thing. Everyone is grinding but the issue is that we need more of them tiers to make it FTP. If you have hit all milestones you should be at 3k by now 3 days into the event which is not enough as far as I can tell

Nope no cans. I participated in every event so far and have gotten on the batteries and keys from every event so far.
I am on track to having my first disarm.
Literally, no excuse from us f2p. Not a single penny spent and I’ve used no cans so far.

How many tires do you have then?

I can understand that you may not want to use cans, but if you purposely choose not to use cans and then you don’t get Bruce or Sandy, you really shouldn’t be complaining.

Amen to that.

The most you can have is around 6,000 is you didn’t buy the starter pack or burned cans. That hardly qualifies as almost there. And even then, you needed to buy keys for the other map. More likely your around 4,000 if you didn’t spend a coin or dollar on this.

I’m personally using cans, but so far the max amount of tires from raids has been 10 from what I have seen. I’m not saying if you don’t grind then you should get the characters nor am I saying all are gonna do this or whatever you think, but it is pretty ridiculous of them limiting the amount of tire drops like that. And it’s completely understandable that some f2p won’t use their cans to try especially if they don’t have enough cans.

i am doing everything i can but couldnt do the 2nd rm cos i dont have the key. i am at 2k hopefully i get that bruce…ready to burn all cans i have when raid event goes live.

Don’t lie to people.

You really can’t have almost enough for Bruce without using cans. We had only 3 events so far that dropped batteries. And they only drop around 1200 batteries which convert 1:1 to tires. So best you can get is around 4k by now. That’s 1/5th.

If you do have more u either used cans or bought tires.


Only few will be able to collecting items for one of them with the amount of drop

1.25m in level up and u want free to play hit it in every level up thats jok and sr to elite stage wtf saying f2p will have them