Disarm against zombies not working

is it bug or something bcz my disarm michonne getting impaire when i hitt impare zombies it never happend before though

They said it was a bug the whole time and disarm should of never had any effect on zombies. Kind of sucks tbh, but it does add a little challenge now.

They announced that this is no longer a thing since zombies dont technically hold weapons. Disarm wont work on them any longer


Have never seen disarm work on zombies


Working as intended now.
Why zombies have weapon effects though… :woman_shrugging:


Walkers are no longer affected by disarm.

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No they dont actually disarm the zombie, but the toon with disarm was never affected by the effects, stun, absolute damage, reflect…now they are

Read the damn update notes.


Boom. Should be obvious.

Hey look this seems different. Oh there was an update recently, maybe that’s why. Guess I should. Go read the notes.


Read??? Pshhhht. Ooookay…

They also said that this “fix” is done for preparing for future game changes!
Considering they are giving away a free disarm to all, my guess is a new toon with a resist all skill which is non-weapon driven is going to be launched!


If they wanna be logical, no one stands still in a battle and let the enemy pummel you - referring to shields.

Just got an idea for a new skill called “disable”, will disable character’s leader skill and specialist skill, and will also work again zombie and faction boss:sunglasses:

Read? Who has time for that

Next, OP will call us Scopely employees

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