Disappointed in this Christmas event

This event is a rip off of the Last words MR.JONES event and even more convoluted then that one was.

And all I see is one paywall after another!
This is Christmas!

Other apps I have recently started playing have been true eye openers on how developers should be treating loyal playerbase.

They give free daily login rewards, Christmas calendar where you tap the days leading up until the 25th, each day giving great rewards.

Then they have other missions were other Christmas collectibles can be earned through farming, training troops, raiding, doing the daily things you would regularly do… These go towards missions with even better rewards.

They do have events behind paywalls, but it’s a very small percentage and shows you exactly how much it will cost, no RNG, no smoke and mirrors.

Please bring back some fun to this app.
Adding small gifts in daily logins and letting us earn drops in farming and raiding would go a long way.

Continue to treat us like personal ATM machines will just push more away to games that don’t do that.



Completely agree. Not EVERYTHING has to be monopolized. Or if you are going to monopolize it, should only be to get the toon/items faster.

This is harming you game! The continued slow release of S class for non spenders and the new armory limitations f2p players have to the armory is slowing destroying any semblance of competition left.


They don’t F@CKING care. They know they have an addicted spending core and only cater to them.


Theres no way in hades to get 550 bears without spending a mortgage payment or two


They keep doing these events because they know people spend on them. Wars are no longer profitable for them because very few go 1hr coin wars. All they’re doing is shifting rewards from war to other events.

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Bingo. Spending should be to cut the line and get a head start on these events, not be the only way to actually complete.


Is that not what this is? F2P Get a head start on getting Princess but people who pay will get her right away.

Only issue I have seen is no 5* Ascendable in the museum right now for anyone that misses the second princess.

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No. Not even close. One gets a useless six star and has to wait 6 months and the other gets an S class instantly. Not even close.

Perfect situation is the cristã model gear. SC members got her a month or two early maxed. But players kept making progression.

We need to stop being okay with getting six star toons.


hmm I don’t think it will be that long (6months) if you hit the max grind (although, it will be a lot of work etc.) 2x 6* and around 1.5k collectables at first glance, perhaps more if they drop regularly on roadmaps.

I can’t just level up my player level without spending. This is a P2P event.

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SR even is on atm, pretty decent for leveling - would have been nicer if that one was timed over the weekend though for boot camp.

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Please stop defending this shitty company.


See but here’s the problem with the shard collection. Let’s just say you have been going for priya. And you have 6,000 cones of the 10k needed. Do you abandon and go for princess, or get the 4k and then get for princess? It’s a big problem right now.


Was actually trying to help you out :man_shrugging:


why are you defending the way this event is set up? obviously F2p are only going to get the one ascendable, or maybe if lucky the second. the s-class will obviously be behind a paywall. That’s not okay like other’s said, spend to get it first, but should be obtainable for the rest within duration of event


It’s just not possible to level up every 3 days. And what if someone is maxed?


know how many cans you do one level with sr event right? give you hint its over 20…

Yup I agree on old characters having issues getting stuff with those (especially the likes of Priya, Pete and Laopo as there are not more events for them). Also definitely hard on getting multiple characters going

Main issue for me is when I eventually get her my gear has still yet to recover from maxing Priya.

Personally don’t think the level up thing should be in any mission (weekly, event, etc), but it is so was just trying to say ways to get through it. See what I said how you wish though.

I know shittier games than this and they have daily logins.