Disable territories popup


Please let us the choice to disable the territories popup.
It’s annoying to connect to the game and have to skip all the territories popup before actually play


:arrow_up: This 100%.

Also for the love of God please make faction chat the default at all times. Even better include an option to turn on and off the ones we don’t want to see. Like league chat and that useless territories log.


Agree with both :arrow_up:
I have 7-8 pop ups every time i open app and its so annoying.
Chat box also boring…i dont read faction msgs anymore.




Yes to both disable popups and to faction chat being default


log in, watch the pop ups, game crashes from pop ups everytime, log in again. cant express how much fun it is to have to log in twice daily, would love a option to turn the territory pop ups notifiying me my teams been kicked or a spot is captured so my game would stop crashing.


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