Disable Offers Option?

Can there be a way to disable offers? No sense getting pop ups or seeing the links since there’s no way I’m ever buying anything again. Serious inquiry. I’d like to disable territories pop ups too.


In your options for pop ups.

Not in mine. Nothing for offers or territories.

Hmmm. Could have sworn there was one for territories. Must be mistaken then. Sorry :blush:

I’ve wondered the same thing before. I bet if everyone actually quit spending the offers would be more like they are in other games. Better stuff at a cheaper price. #spendingstrikeforever

The second another op toon shows up people are going to spend like crazy. They know it and that’s why they can get away with what they did today.

They reset our toon and kept our gear, medals, trainers, scrap, and coins.

Happy Thanksgiving :turkey::smirk:


I mean I knew they could do whatever they want to our accounts but It gives me an uneasy feeling that the did and how easily they did it.

You right. Like I said in another post, the sad thing is that after months - almost a year - of only paying for the monthly pass, I was gonna subscribe for a few months, possibly longer if I could max Andrea in a decent amount of time. When I got her today to T3 6star level, I decided I might subscribe longer. Now I’m not even renewing my monthly pass.

I don’t have a shield and was really looking forward to getting her but oh well.

But you’re right, whenever she’s able to be maxed, I’m sure I’ll see her on plenty of teams in the top factions.

And that’s the only reason why I even was slightly interested in her because outside a lucky single pull I knew I would never have a shield but truth be told the top players won’t even use her outside of just maxing her out because they can. Both Mags and Ty are so much better than her.

At this point, all I am truly upset about is that I lost a bunch of my stuff. I have zero faith that they will do right by us and return all of it.

Like how they left her 5-star ar maxed at 10. I saw another player who’s was at 3. Does this mean we’re not getting our Lilith’s and Adens back?

That’s what did it for me too. If it were a true rollback, I wouldn’t be as upset. If they reset her to 6star T1 level 1, I’d probably be ok with. Hell if they left her alone but required 100 comics to get her to T4 - which my guess would be 13-20 weeks, I’d see it as a fair compromise. But resetting her to 5star T1 leve 50 and 9/10 AR with “equivalent” resource compensation from a company that clearly doesn’t understand their own game? I’m 100% sure it won’t be fair.

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