Diminished value of multi-tool knifes


Would it be possible to increase the refund value of multi-tool knifes? At full price they cost 35,000 supply points to purchase, however to sell them back, you are only rewarded with 10 food per knife.

Many people pre-purchased these knifes to level up the 5* survival road toons on offer. However, the introduction of 6*'s has created a situation where it is probably not in your best interest to use supply points to purchase or upgrade survival road depot toons.

Even a 50% return on supply points used would be appreciated.



buy aden… sorta worth if u can ever get a super or extreme sale maybbe.

otherwise the depot just got out dated so hard

Wish I could buy Aden’s tdynasty, spent all my supply points on obsolete multi-tool knifes :roll_eyes:

I only do daily sr for points so I can buy the token crate. Refuse to buy them from “offers”. Hope scopley doesnt read this, they may take the crate out. :hushed:

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I hear you 123… I use supply points to buy the gold token crates too.

If those crates were your only source of gold legendary medals and you bought the 5 available everyday from the depot, it would take you exactly 2 months to get to the 300 needed to ascent your 5* into a 6…

Painfully slow process…

I bought some sleeping bags so I would have them when I bought Maggie. Never did buy her, now they sit there, can only sell for 10 food, SMH

It takes a lot of work to get enough to buy anything in survival depot. Currently have 7 knives for Dr. Stevens