Dilan character 5*

Where to get Dylan 5 *. I only have one.

Sadly scopley doesnt added a collection for a 5* class Dylan, so basically getting the cards for season 12 is kinda useless unless you got two 5*…

2000 of Dylan card have not been available anywhere… so no need for that yet … my guess is they gonna put that in new season when store will have 2500 to buy …so dont worry …:slightly_smiling_face:

Still on the forum front page, FWIW.


I need a lot of cards tbh


Pff, that’s nothing

OMG, I just barely got two 5*s in that event by the skin of my teeth. How the heck did you end up with that many, LOL?

Probably bought that special offer that accidentally gave people hundreds of pulls on the wheel for that event.


12 Dylan’s… need serious amounts of cards

Only 12k. You can only get 2 S-Class no matter how many 5*s you have.



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Haha yeah know… won’t be getting the cards for 2… only keeping em as fodder, maybe one for old school…

Only gate I ever managed to get in on that one… do many many ascendables that won’t ever use

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