Difficulty for ACT 3 of Shiva event

Did anyone do it yet? How hard is it for S10++ teams?

It’s not difficult with the team S9

Did you manage to finish Act 3? What team did you use?

“Wasn’t that hard with an absolute full deck of premier toons. “ heh.

I haven’t tried it though, never seen any maps that were terribly tough.


What toons did you face during act 3?

Will I be able to complete it with this kind of team? Morgan does all the hard work :slight_smile:

Shiva, Erika, Magna. Did not take screenshots. At the last stage used grenades

Morgan will be killed first :tired_face:

I can revive him then with items. What are the heavy damage dealers in Act 3? Please don’t say Harper and Michonne

With my it was so ease that I didn’t memorize characters. I did not take the faction assistant :смайлик:

One final question, what was the last stage like then I’ll stop bothering you

No need to worry about the last stage. Use grenades or mines

How much did you have to pay for all the rabbits to do all of the maps?

Silly question why waste money for white shiva when you have her ? Just decided two would be better?

I would imagine lacerator is a skill that would benefit from having multiple characters on a team with that skill

With only two white Shivas I can defeat four strong team in our region

~105 $.

I may be wrong, but I believe lacerated only procs once maximum per team turn, like guardian 2.

You need a healer in your team