Different type of Andrea question

I know for some Shields (Magna for instance) It’s better to leave AR and Active at 1 to makle sure they shield as many turns as possible.
Jesus has an awesome AR so some ppl recommend maxing it.
What about Andrea’s? It seems pretty good, and if she’s on a 2 shield team, she is covered by 2nd shield when she activates it.

i maxing her i lek her are very much but i dont giver her weapon ap booster

Max it… she’s great for offense and defense, and since we’ll (probably) only get one. The mixed role is great

Jesus AR is pretty good but his active skill sucks… I don’t know why ppl recommend maxing is active lol…

Andreas AR is pretty solid. I’d consider maxing it as well.

My assumption is the animation delay, adds about 2-3 seconds to the timer, in addition to healing him a bit.