Different trait for Wanderer, HM?

Wanderer is hands down the best scopes own original character, maybe he deserves a second legendary version of another trait ? :slight_smile:

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why? so they can nerf him again? :roll_eyes:


Thank You.

Appreciate the appreciation.


his 5* looks so cool not like 6*

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I love the Wanderer character so much I have the ascended and unascended version just cause

He’s cool. But my Favorite is and stays Sawyer, who still hasn’t any 6* :neutral_face:

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We need a heath 6*

Wanderer looks like a tool and is totally lame since the nerf. Fact.

“It had to be done. He was to op for the meta”…I will never forget this bs :rofl:

We need a 6* Earl… so he can screw over everyone in another aspect of the game as well

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