Different Prices in FA Depot


In the top right slot, you can buy a trainer. The price for mine is 3,370, but the price for a faction mate of mine is 4,500. It’s the exact trainer (Strong).


Maybe the trainer is on sale for you? Didn’t think of that, did you?


Go to your own depot and tell me how much your full price trainer is.


3370 for a fast trainer.


My depot

Faction mates depot


4500 on mine for Strong trainer


Weird. 3370 is the extreme sale price.



Yet another faction mate. It’s in German, but “Aktion” means “Sale”. So it doesn’t look like a display bug.

And I don’t think it’s Extreme price either. A sale tier is 10% off so Extreme should be 30% off, so it should be 3,150 at Extreme pricing. 3,370 at 4,500 is 75%, so it’s between Extreme sale and Super Sale.


3370 here also


it’s pretty Stupid also.

Etching acid and spray paint for 7200
while duct and poli is 6670.

I did notice the trainer price varying also

For me Fac assault is heavily bugged.
I’m basically getting that bug where my lead and weapons don’t “really” count.

Only special mods work, anything else is basically invalid doesn’t provide shit.


Trainers have been showing 3570 for me. Weird ass variation between everyones. Rhey should all be showing the same or showing sales on them, and yet theyre not. Come on scopely…


Sighs… Another issue. No surprises here.


Prices seem to be pretty uniform in my faction


Faction assault is getting annoying. People get different amount of attacks and now people get different prices in the depot. @kalishane, can you shed some light on these issues please?


People get different number of attacks? I know you get different numbers from different tiers, but you’re saying people get different numbers in the same tier?


Yes. Attacks for people in my faction varied from 4-6 fighting a tier 5 assault. Out of interest, where does it say different tiers get different amount of attacks? My faction thought this was the case but were unsure.


3370 for me


3370 for me aswell.

Side note, anyone know if you can get canteen and gps from the depot?


I don’t think it says anywhere, it’s just through experience from beta and what other people have said.

That’s messed up that everyone has different number of attacks.


I don’t think it’s possible. I’m trying to make a list of available items in the depot and haven’t seen canteen or GPS from anyone.