Different Offers from Tapjoy in which Countrys

Hello TWD Road to Survival fans,

I will today discuss about the offers from Tapjoy.

why are so different offers in which countrys.

Example in Switzerland we have no offers like Germany.

I think that is not fair for all , the Player who have more offers with coins definitely have competitive
Advantage .

I wrote the Helpdesk from Tapjoy free time bu no answer. i dont Understand this

Thanks for help and Answer about this Problem


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This is how it works.
Someone contacts Tapjoy and say we wanna do a promo with you.
Yes new customer where will you want to add your promo
All but switzerland
Why not there?
Zappo dont deserve offers!
Fair we release it.

So blame the offergiver not tapjoy.
They sell what there customer want.

This is a tapjoy problem on a rts forum tapjoy is part of many more games not just rts

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Your tax law isn’t fair either compared to the rest of Europe. By the way, Switzerland is no member of the Union and has certainly other requirements for mobile ads than France, Belgium or Finland.

Competitive advantage in doing free offers for a free mobile game in a different mobile game? Humbug. :joy: I call this waste of precious time and is just madness.

TapJoy is terrible for me lots in my faction complete game offers getting 20,000 coins etc iv never had a game offer yet ?

are you ios by any chance

Yes iv got ios

Apple have forbidden downloads for rewards

Well that was nice of them

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