Different level up scores

Guys, can somebody explain me why it shows two different scores in the level up. I’m on 2nd place with one score and it shows at the top another score.

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One is probably autorefreshing and one is stale and needs to be refreshed manually.


Using veteran medals will not update in the standings either, until you level something else.


So basically I will be first with second score?

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As above level up something 1 level and it will correct itself

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Thank you all. That fixed the problem

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Wait veteran rings count towards levelup? Damnit

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YOU’RE KIDDING ME. How much vet rings give for a level up.

it’s confirmed vet rings give you level up points.

Lemme see.
My dante uses double rings.
I was at 1,961,800 than went to 1,976,800. I subtracted and it gives 15k.
Double vet rings give 15k.

Single veteran rings also give 15k. That’s a nice hidden level up scopes.

Yes, but only if you level up something not using veteran rings after. Otherwise the extra score doesn’t count.

It is also pretty pitiful, given the relative rarity of veteran rings


The veteran level up is a nice 15k

Also warning, from experience: if you use the rings to pass a certain milestone (1.1m, in my case), it will not register that you hit the milestone and you won’t be sent your rewards.

After you use the vet rings you have to level up 1 toon, no meter of what kind. Even 1* works so the score can be refreshed

You still won’t get the rewards if you used veteran rings to pass a milestone. Say you used one to hit the 500k milestone. If you leveled another character, your score would update properly on the board, but the milestone rewards will still not come. I’ve done it in two level up events and the same thing happened both times.

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