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I played this game for a while last year, and I’m thinking of coming back because I used to love wars and events a lot. Are there other games that have similar wars and factions? Just the typical AOW and CRW war style, working together, damaging the enemy bases, matching with different factions and grinding out victories. I’m asking because I’ve checked all of this forum and people don’t seem to be happy with the game at all. So if I can find an alternative I’ll try that.
If not I’ll wait until a new region opens on the game and start again. Hopefully the game hasn’t changed too much since I last played in January, had some great memories on this
Thank you for any advice

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The game was fun last year. Don’t come back, player base isn’t happy right now for good reason.


What’s up with all the :black_flag:s


no idea. kids are bored

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Did Scopes fix kookland’s account? Seems like a lot of f.l.a.g.s. here.

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