Different Award levels for War and other events

To keep our regions from dying and to help keep active and new players we need award levels for events. There could be 5 levels do beginner, bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. The level you compete in could be directly related to your season ranking. When you place in the top 10 in beginner you get moved to bronze. Also, as you go up in award level the prizes get better. This would make more active players and more active teams. So many new players give up quickly because they do not think they will ever have a chance to win or even place in any of the events. During the event like war you can face a team from any award level but you are competing for your level award so if the system could not find a matchup it can grab a silver team to face a platinum team. But points earned go towards your ranking in your award level. This should benefit the game since new players will have a chance to gain power and win events, plus more teams at different strengths will feel it is worth competing since now they can win an event and get a decent prize.

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That’s the sort of thing that could bring happiness to all levels of play, therefore I hate it


Thanks, I hate it.

Why would you think prizes wouldn’t aslo be tiered? I’m sure if this was implemented you’d only move a low level player from slim chance to none of a decent prize. The better prizes would then only be available through the top tier.

So you want events broken down into leagues inside the current league standing lol

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