Difference in Item Drop Leader Skills?


I tried looking for this on the web and also in this Forum, didn’t find anything useful/approved though.

Is there a difference between the Leader Skill for Item Drop or is it just Syntax?

An example would be: Alicia 5* Red and Ezekiel 5* Green

I’d really appreciate some info on this, thanks guys!


Medium drop rate is consistent for all characters that have a medium bonus to drop rate. It would be different if they were listed as small, large, or huge, etc.


When Shane was released there were numerous reports that he did not turn up the same results as other medium drop leaders. It was definetly a bug and I’m sure it was fixed eventually. But it’s reason enough for the thought there’s a possibility there could be slight, barely noticeable, but existent differences. I mean look at what happened with the viktor promo, chances that are supposed to be consistent across different appearances are plenty susceptible to a random incident screwing with the normal percentages.


First of all thanks for the very fast reply!! :+1:

However: This might be a translation thing in german, but the description of the Bonus is different between the two chars i mentioned.

Roughly translated Alicias Leaderskill says: You get a medium bonus when looting things
Ezekiels Leaderskill says: You get a medium bonus for a chance of an item drop.

It kind of sound like one is about quality and one about quantity. But if you say medium is medium, i guess the only thing thats left to do, is to make a correction to the descriptions in german :wink:



Rosa is the only one that matters, I don’t discriminate I use all the drop leads on my team when farming… make a difference? Probably not but it’s a mental thing I suppose.


My expierence has been; more garbage like 1 and 2 star weapons but in ultra rare and elite gear maps, I have better results getting walkie,bag,flak,or beanie without a drop lead or ally


Thanks a lot! :heart:


I’m working some 4* greens up now to take another stab at ascending to get my own Rosa, even if it’s just an extra piece of equipment to sell I’m ok with that


If it wouldn’t be so much energy for those maps (I am currently lvl 50), I’d make some research on that but I think I will continue to use Eze and Alicia for those :wink:


Once I am at the point where I got more Beanies then I actually need, i might do the same :smiley:


Bug’s been logged, FYI. It should be fixed at some point in the future


The salvage tokens have a horrible drop rates as well. I don’t think they work as intended either.

I can get the same drops from using any of one of the three which defeats the purpose, Smh.


Cool, thanks for that.

If you need help with german translations, let me know :wink:


When I use the gold salvage tokens on the legendary gear map I usually don’t get any rewards. It seems like the bronze salvage tokens actually give better drop rates over silver and gold. This has happened to me since the salvage tokens began.


Can you please elaborate on what Drop Leader’s improve for drops (not: resources, survivors, or XP)

A dev mentioned it once (but I cant find it now) that having a drop leader doesn’t increase drop rates of 4 weapon* … but that didnt make sense as more weapons are dropped. If you could give more detail, that would be helpful.

Thanks in advance


Not directly. They increase likelihood that a drop occurs not the rarity if the drop. More drops means you will get more of everything more often.


I think using a gold token is the equivalent of using a single medium drop lead, but that’s just theory in my head


I believe this to be true and it makes sense to me. Drop lead just means increased chance of stuff dropping, but it doesn’t mean increased drop rate of 4* weapon.

Like for example if the drop rate of a 4* weapon is 5%, having a drop lead doesn’t mean the drop rate goes up to 10%, it just means the dice rolled another time for a 4* weapon. So instead of 3 weapons with each weapon a 5% chance of 4*, it’s now 5 weapons with each a 5% chance of 4*.


When selecting a stage for farming, it shows Bronze(nothing), Silver as +10% & Gold as +20%
likely equivalent; small= 10%, Med=20%, & large=30%
If you can use two drop leads of potentially (Rosa, Large x2), would that mean +60%?

but the question still remains, +60% more of what? Items and weapons.
if without drop assistance, you get 5 items, would that mean you get 3 more items (=5x0.6)
if the pool of item drops between Gear+Ingredients+Weapons is 105 different things, it must be a weighted wheel since 4* weapons are extremely rare.

weapons, 79 total -100%
18x4*, 23%
23x3*, 29%
19x2*, 24%
19x1* 24%


is there a reason why when farming event items on roadmaps not using drop leads give way more drops than using them?

Like this past one with corn drops, not using drop leads got me corn 100% in some form while using dual larges would result in none alot, just defies logic, also makes me wonder about let’s say lilith drops on the world map whether leads actually help or hurt.