Diego stash please

@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely
Can we get the Diego stash back… and also make sure that following offers show up after purchasing the 1st offer.

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Also make the possibility to pull him greater than 0.0% this time lol

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Scopes be like


Plese NO!

Douglas and Rick stash!!!

Why would you want a stash for them? I personally don’t want to pay 150-200 for mediocre characters (most likely)


Then don’t pay that much for those characters :joy:

I agree unless the stash is f2p like the yellow rick one we had along time ago.

Yes to Diego!

Lol. I could use another

Where are those dumb memes you always post dude ?

Exactly my point… but I’d pay 150-200 for Diego

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Diego and alice for all noobs plz scoply

And other people would pay that much for one of those characters.

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Lol of course you have. At the time I was skeptical to pull on that stash lol but id love another stash for him and while your at it make a second one for Alice please :+1:

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