Diego seven keys

How much is he gonna cost anyone have the break down?




Only one offer so far… but count on 300 or so

will it be sold with gold @JB.Scopely

No way be cash offers

Lol this made me laugh hard :joy::joy:

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I bet that it would be on bags with the price of 1000 gold.
The chances to get 1 key would be 0.010% while you get 90% chance to get Burts and the rest Bradys.

On the last hours of finishing the collection the keys would be sold on a pack of $100 with some useless gear like 100 Boots or 500 leathers gloves.

The full stash was releaded eariler and cost $254… considering that this is not a stash maybe 120-150 or at least 99.99 get all the keys. He’s not a bad toon but it would cost a lot for sure…

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So this event is not earnable?


Wishful thinking. Would be shocked if it was under 200


Don’t do it unless you can afford to drop $200 if it goes that high. Could be higher

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The offers have started on the Offers Section, the 1st one is for 4.99…

I bought the first one and landed a stun mod with it… it would be nice for him to not cost us $100 or even $74. How about a nice roadmap that we can get keys from? How about him costing less than $25.

It’s not an event, it’s an offer.


What’s the 2nd cost?

There’s no way. He’s legit 1 or 2 best toons in the game. If he was around $254 the first time around then I’d expect the same.


Offer comes out every 24hrs…

So we can’t even get him for war? Who makes these miserable decisions. @JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely awful idea

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My guess would be that the offers will progress in the normal Scopely order: $4.99, $9.99, $14.99, $19.99, $24.99, $49.99, and $99.99, for a total of $224.93 USD, not including any taxes.


I’d almost say that $49.99 will be $74.99 to hit the $254 like the stash.