Diego mods and weapon

I plan to get diego from museum and i need advice from you guys what kind of mods and weapon should i use on him

Would put all def mods on him, so his rush doesn’t trigger payback, but that’s just my opinion

Hp set mods ideal, def mod, def vs alert, graze or ap drain, stun resist and I go impair resist too - I gave him a stun weapon with def and a huge bonus to ap on attack. His job is to give your toons his leadership skill, and rush on turn 2 (with a commander ideally) to defence down and impair everyone


Thank you

who cares about payback anymore? Negan dies so easily


Hp set, hp and def mod, def vs red and ap drain but i think graze might be better.
With all these reds he dies so dam fast just keep him alive.
Also would use a shield, if the reds focus him and they have ap drain he wont go off and will hender the team.

1 faction member have diego and he said the same christa and kapoor is killing his diego 1turn.he use def mods on him no hp mods maybe that is reason

Personaly I use a human shield to protect the team so I gave him full mod attack

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