1st 40. Thanks :slight_smile:

Tobin was 2 times chances. Diego is just a simple chance. 2 times 0.3 is 0.6

I got 10 4*s

Fair play, didn’t realise Tobin was double chance… I was sure he wasn’t (thought the circle that usually states this just said ‘roll over’ not double chance) but could be mistaken.

The screenshot above however shows 0.2 not 0.3, so therefore it has still been reduced by 33.3%.

Wanna know what’s funny?
I didn’t benefit from this glitch.
But I got Tobin and Diego, both F2P from War Wheels, lol.

Those free coins helping out alot of folks

Dang, I missed out

IIRC, it’s always been .6% for the featured recruit for standard promos.

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Prolly 8k

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what may confuse people about the odds is when they released the new odds. They had a few promos on double chances in a row. Which was 0,4% and 0,8%. Now the haven’t done a double chance promo in a while…

So your complaint is that they are using standard odds?

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Alot of people haven’t realized that when Scopely made the recent changes to the odds in premier wheel they actually made them worse that you would get the featured toon :confused: now on average you need to do 4 large pulls on a premier to get it, used to be 3.

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