Diego in museum

I have been debating on if I should grab Diego from the museum collections. I have 203 comics, but just don’t want to grab him and then something better is added.

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Diego is a very useful character.


Diego is still relevant


Good lead, good active, good rush, good everything


I love Diego as a toon - he has a lot of great assets especially being a leader toon. The huge bonus to ap, +40% attack to strong and tough lets you run a very diverse team. He has a useful active skill - focus to everyone which helps you with confuse, taunt and human shields. His rush, defence down to everyone at 65% makes many S class toons, have the same defence as many 6*. The impair to all also helps prevent rushes and finally, he can hold a stun weapon for additional control. It’s hard to go wrong with a leader.

Team ideas(FTP)

  • Diego, James/Shawn/beheading Michonne / Follow up Morgan/ priya, command zander/glenn/siddiq, disarm earl/cole, Bruce allen cooper / lee HS etc there is a lot of different options to run a very strong team that has both control and power

Feel free to pm me either here on line (linkesus.) if you’d like to discuss more


should link your video @Link

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https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PIgWrTeAdfE New attack team video with Diego showcased as my new lead :slight_smile: @jstn581


Thanks man I will have to take a look after work. My issue isn’t that Diego isn’t good. It is more I don’t wanna use the comics, and then someone way better is put in there and I won’t have enough for the new character. I will probably grab diego right before the time expires.

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mhm I was going to say you can always wait a bit. I am f2p and saved comics from the free rick trophies for a few months and was able to get him. I must say he was revolutionised by team. In theory, someone better is always coming along but it’s about being able to progress now. It’s the fine balance between saving and getting something good later, and spending a bit to get where you need to be to not fall too far behind

nah if you have to ask this you probably wont use him well and you will hate him

Diego + Bruce Allan Cooper + James, deadly combo

I have James and michonne double specialist. With Diego as leader, it’s a plaisir to attack. Take him

I know how to use Diego. I was more worried about getting him, and then something better comes out right after. I ended up just grabbing him anyway

what about harrison you get him? he’s the one i’m on the fence on

Pass on harrison… doesnt pack the punch diego does with def down

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