Didn't receive an epic (or legendary) during a 40 pull

Hi, I’ve contacted support but they haven’t responding. I did two 40 pulls to try to get hershel (i’m a ranged heavy roster and he is my white whale) and during the first 40 pull I received Hunter, Red Maggie and Alicia. All were clustered towards the middle of the pull. During the second pull I received only 4*s. I understood that we were supposed to receive AT LEAST 1 epic/legendary during a 40 pull, and this language is also listed in the support pages. Does anyone know what support might do in this case?
I would like a coin refund to try again for hershel, but also remember that support has sent mixed messaging in the past which doesn’t always align with their own policies.

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I think maybe it’s because you have to count 40 pulls after you receive the first 5*?

Even then, I went around 50 pulls after the last 5* (who was hunter) with only 4*s.

Kalishane mentioned something about “buckets” of 40 pulls so it’s possible when you received the 3 5* you actually were allocated 3 big pulls worth of 5*s already.


I had the same issue before. Their response is that the pulls reset every new promo and that they don’t reset from pulling an epic. So the first epic you pulled could have been your 40th pull and the second you pulled could have been your 3rd pull of the next 40. Then the second 40 you pulled finished out the 40 that your second epic was from and you’ve yet to receive the epic from the third 40 toons. Basically, it’s fuzzy math so they don’t have to stick to a guarantee that they made. Classic Scopely, am I right?


apparently there is no 5 * guarantee, but they explain it in a confusing way

Do a couple more large pulls. You’re sure to get him then, survivor!