Didnt miss any day and look at this

you sure lol? I finished every free roadmap due that iam not prestige club member. And I have all knifes and arround 40 more gold bicks. You missed some for sure


Ya no doubt u missed some I’m free to play no gold radios and I finished it days ago and still collected can’t blame scopes for this one


from what ive read gold bars and knives will be used with the next set so hopefully that will let you make it up.


I did not miss any day

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I definitely missed 1, during the last war wkend but i got my last knife yesterday.
I have - i think - 15 extra gold at the moment so you must have missed few collections or maps

edit - wouldnt having 34 bricks suggest you had SC at some stage?

34 is quite an odd number. I think sc still gives bricks by 5 or 10?

Sc map is 4

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yea same no way you short You had to miss some for sure

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I got all knives and have excess gold bars. So you missed some, somehow.


Missed plenty but its it’s obvious you missed a few


Ah ok it was just the amount of days sc could finish vs ftp…so i assumed they would keep them in 5 brick increments.

It seems like you have a SC subscription for a least a portion of this event, if you collected the free 5 everyday and did the regular map for 5 more you should have claimed the last collection 2ish days ago. If you had bonus gold bars from the SC maps then this should have been completed a while ago depending on how long you had the subscription. Seems odd that you would end up short if you claimed at least 10 everyday

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We know it wasnt scopely for once, we would already have knife gate

You clearly did. Otherwise you’d have finished.

I missed at least one days worth (10 goldbars) and still managed to finish as a non-Suckers Club member. So not only did you definitely miss a day, you actually quite likely missed more than one


I have been active everyday, how could that happened?

It’s quite easy to forget about the map. Especially when it’s war weekend. I missed a couple the first war of the event :see_no_evil: finished a couple of days ago though without suckers club

Dude, you clearly missed something.

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Definitely missed something…no sc here either and I got enough and then some

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