Didn't get faction assault tokens

Faction finished off negan this morning, I never received the bags of tokens from between the stages.


wow, what a well thought out and intelligently worded response.

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There seems to be some weird stuff going on this morning, maybe its onsluaght screwing things up or the new update being implemented. In this situation I would just hold tight for a few hours, if they haven’t arrived in you inbox in the next 24 hrs contact in-game support.

To be clear you did contribute at least 1 hit during the Assault?

If so, sometimes there can be a delay in your device syncing the data and you may need to force close the app and restart it and let it sit on the home screen for up to 20 minutes for it to sync. If you’ve done that and still no rewards then open a ticket with support.

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I did make a hit and confirmed that I was on the board for the event. ive tried restarting. ive opened a ticket with support… fingers crossed


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