Didn't get a coin from the museum

I’m so tired of this. Still didn’t get resolution to epic arena fail. If i don’t get this coin i won’t be able to finish stash collection and won’t have a chance at the new toon.


Why do you even care? The stash itself is terrible and the toon is awful too. Just call it a day and uninstall like so many others


You need to finish all mission ,you need to use 10 adrenaline of elena jia feng mercer and other pg… Do you have that pg? If you don’t you can’t try the road for the new pg

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I may sound stupid here, but what’s a pg?

This is from the museum collection, not the missions. Where you’re supposed to collect the ying and yang.

id just not even bother with it and save your time, this toon isnt gonna do anything for anyone anyway. Even sergio was better than this.

Heck vincent or kal would of been better lol

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But i want the items in the stash

@Mmmkay - Please contact our customer support via this link https://scopely.com/customer-support/ so they can a look at your issue.


stash alone is worth doing for s class items… seeing praya is easiest toon to get think about it plus 102 needed for part two for roadmap.

To be honest after seeing the new S Class leaderskill thats been leaked, where for some teams you arent even gonna need to hit them to kill them just defend.

Im thinking the reward is located somewhere on the uninstall app button


It’s because it was original giving the purple placeholder tokens. Looks like you redeemed around when it switched over to the correct tokens

Thanks everyone… scopely gave me my lost token! Shocking i know.

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