Did You Get Sergio?

  • Yeah,I got him
  • Nah,I didn’t get that piece of shit

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Got him but he’s never getting ascended lol


Ditto he’s a big waste of roster space

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No. 28/30


Got all the balloons, in all the events, but am still 2 pulls short. Don’t know how…
To be fair, I don’t really care for him. I just wanted the other gear and cans, but my biggest problem is I barely get war can drops in wars, and was aiming for all the war cans in the Sergio stash. But guess what?! One of the 2 pulls is the 3 war cans pack. I swear someone at Scopely HQ is messing with me and my account. I never, since playing the game, got an ascendable from Prestige token pulls, and can’t even remember when I pulled my last ascendable from the 5* wheel, although I got a pull in every event, lately…


Hit all milestones and roadmaps and still couldn’t get him. Wouldn’t have used him anyway just wish I didn’t bother lol


He’s trash so I didn’t even level him up

Got him but had to buy two balloon crates. Disappointing event


me too i’m so close to getting him it’s crazy :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: now Scopley want money to get him

Surprise! Free = Not free. scopelogic


I got him but he is a pos.

What a great anniversary event where we actually GOT NOTHING. I bet 80% of ppl didn’t get him. So stupid…

You guys are terrible :man_facepalming:t4:
@JB.Scopely @GR.Scopely @ForumAdmin @Shawn.Scopely


Yep. Terrible event but not jb or gr’s fault. Let’s hope this typhoon event makes up for it.


I’m not paying a single coin for him!!! Maybe 10 coins for another pull just so I get the war cans… Don’t want Sergio! They can keep him!

The balloon offers aren’t even cheap, would cost me maybe £100 to get him lol. Fking idiots.

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Don’t tell me you’re thinking about spending to get Sergio, because I’ll slap you virtually, from here to China! :grimacing: :rofl:


Lmao. I checked it out. Would have paid a fiver, tenner tops for the novelty. But no chance.

got him quite easily but he will never be used :put_litter_in_its_place:

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Did you get the free cake?