Did we get new leage season characters?

so 1 week till season 1 end and we still didnt get leage season 2 characters leaks can we get them before season 1 end?


its possible we’ve seen the leaked characters already, just not seen it live in league shop because its still a week away

i dont even think we got a leak on the first season, just the toons

Imagine red shield Konrad and Pryia are accendable next season and people didn’t buy them :joy::joy::joy:


I hope no lol…if scopes do it it will be dick move.

Have We ?

I bought one of em so I’ll be happy :joy:

in the same sense i think we seen red Zeke and green mirabelle leaked before season leagues, its just that we didnt know they would be in season leagues.

if u get me, im saying we have leaked toons, one or two of them may be in the store next week

plus theres always another toon in current game like kelly was

They were leaked about a week early but we DID KNOW because the leaks said “season 1”. So it’s safe to say the if the toons were leaked early they would clearly say “season 2”

You say “there’s always” like it has happeneded more than once. Unless the actual toons are leaked let’s not jump to conclusions because there is no pattern, we have only had one season. Season 2 could be totally different.


dude im just trying to bring clarification on the matter, i dont know fully, you just seem to want to quote me on what i say as if im stating 100% correct knowledge.

when the leaks came out they were in russian so i did not know of the season league…and in beta the league store was giving out older toons as well as the better toons like michonne revive ty. thats what im basing my findings on

so the timer for the season ending and the store are the same. i got screwed over in the other region i play and didn’t get my milestone rewards, 3600 of them. i didn’t pay attention weather it let me claim the milestones in both regions until i was close to 15,000 in both regions. guess what i’m wanting to ask is when the current season ends, will there be time to buy the Ezekiel? i wasn’t in a faction for a while, in either region, that is why i’m barely getting to that mark.

I guess it might be red Sandy leak.

Notice TBD below her name.


No they weren’t leaks come out in English and Russian but whatever. It sounds like you just guess and say whatever comes into your mind and I correct you so people get the right info and aren’t mislead. Sorry you’re wrong all the time :man_shrugging:

I wanted her to be the red sheild =-(


I’m sincerely afraid that she will have either Indomitable, Hold the Line or Evasion specialist skills.
Through Vitality and Human Shield are also an option here.

I hope we get any kind of leak about them

If sandy is in the next store I’m saving my 35k points.

Yall can just wait one more week lol. Patience Is a virtue


Just had Strong and Alert toons. Fast and Tough options this time would make more sense imo. And two with decent skills and not leads.
Also Letting us see them before this season ends would also be beneficial. To help decide if we wanna save for them or not.


They obviously won’t be ascendable any time soon.

Will they…:worried:…?

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Konrad with Absolute def oof