Did War Mercs dissappear?

Timers for mercenaries disappeared. Did I miss something?


Scopely removed them. Too much joy with them, threw off all the statistics


What was the point then? My faction is stuck now…


Its amazing how fast Scopely can remove things when they want to. 50 card choice box is still in war wheel tho. :face_with_monocle:


Same here. My 1B region got 8v8 and now the waiting game for 2 more to join begins. Ughhhhhh


my faction fills up in less than 20 seconds
who needs mercs lmao


They weren’t intended to be up this war

Neither was 8x8 for 1b. Funny how they can fix what they want to so fast


Can you mention or ask why 1B got 8v8 war. Cause right now my faction is sitting at 6 and we want the war missions like other players.


Were facing merc teams but not getting option ourselves

I raised it. I don’t think it’s permanent - but don’t quote me on that. I just logically assume that as it would be mega unfair and make everyone hate the wave system even more. Lol

This is frustrating. My faction won’t be getting any missions completed and any decent rewards so it’s not fun for us and others who are in the same situation.


Yeah, we are filling up so fast it’s hard to get in. 1A People problems LOL

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This game is a joke. It’s run so poorly and amateurishly. They can’t do anything without a mistake of some kind. The only thing they know how to do is take people’s money.

So mercs being released was a mistake so they removed it. Well, 8x8 in 1B is a mistake. How about you fix that too! SMH :rage:!


We just faced a faction with 3 mercs in, so not sure what’s going on.

They shouldn’t remove them now just because they weren’t supposed to be there. We haven’t used them yet but we will need them for the “night shift” or we won’t war for hours when we need 8.


Unfortunately, mercs being on or off is just a toggle that can be done behind the scenes. Changing the entire format of war for 1B would require canceling it for everyone and relaunching, which would cause way more headaches for nearly everyone.

Yeah, it sucks, but in this case it’s not a matter of both being equally easy to do with equal consequences. One is easy, one is difficult.

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You’ll be getting compensation of 3 war cans and 5 total war tokens for the 1b 8v8 error

So what happens now. Do does of is in 1B get any compensation for the mistake or do we sit all weekend on 6 and forgo the war missions and milestones. Just asking cause this is ridiculous. I reached out to support and of course didn’t get a reply.

What about the war mission! That is reason many are trying to war. For christ sakes. I’m not mad at you for helping but this is beyond frustrating.


I just said that