Did u get this when u bought the 99¢ offer because I didn’t


Some of the people in my faction just got this along with there 99 cent offer I want it too!!! Scopely you now need to give everyone this same offer that bought the offer !!! @CombatDevIl @JB.Scopely


if its not fake it may be the last straw for me


I swear it’s not fake


What offer is this lol


It was for the 99cent offer with 350 tokens


I think this was an offer for 30 dollars a day or two a go I saw on my alt, but that might just be my memory playing tricks


I didn’t have any offer with 10 Aden’s in it and 8 bennies


It’s just offers for dedicated people lol


Ugh I wanted a bloody shirt instead


I bought that offer. Didn’t get anything.


Well some are getting this I didn’t get it either but some of my faction mates got it




Man this anniversary event has been so screwed its fun. MOAR COMPENSATION!


This is to big to let go scopely needs to makes this right


Enuff letterz


Nice photoshop. Can’t fool me.


Pretty sure that is a $100 offer that was up.


This shit isn’t cutting it scopley I want what the other got it was 10x more valuable than this


No it wasn’t the $100 offer they only had two dollars on there account so there is no way possible they bought the wrong offer


Ur just a troll no one has time for photoshop or at least I don’t this isn’t fake