Did Turkey Map Get Nerfed And How Long To Complete Stages?

Did the amount of trainers you get from the turkey map get reduced and how long does it take to complete a stage? 1 minute? 5 minutes? 15?

The stages are easy and quick to finish. Maybe that’s why my worst drop was a single 2* trainer, and my “best” drop was something like 3 3*. Total bullshit the way this (like so many other) issue was handled. It’s barely worth doing, unless you’ve gotten your collection toon and are sitting on a bunch of extra wood.

They ruined it

Yes it was nerfed few weeks ago, but still is farmable. Takes 20 seconds to run through a stage and 15 wood. You can farm 70 to 100 trainers in the 30 min if you have enough wood. 95% will be Brady and burt.

Have 600 wood and enough beans for 3 turkeys or 8 mods. Not sure what to do

I just ran the map for the first time. got 60 trainers for my effort, one benedict and one lilith, the rest were just 2-4*s. I only had 360 wood and still have 15 minutes left to go on it, so could have double that with as much as you have.


11 of those 60 were actually just 1 and 2 star toons, not even trainers.

I’m going to cash in for 1 turkey map, because will take about 500-800 wood to really farm it well. And the rest of my cans going to multiple mods.

I wish I were able to take advantage of it. And guess what happened when I reached out about their error. They told me fixing it for me wouldn’t be fair to the other players in the game.

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