Did they remove icecream cones from raid crates?

I have not seen a single cone drop in last 300 crates. So am I on bad streak/bucket or they dont drop anymore.


I’ve had 2 keys drop and 2 ice cream cones drop this entire time. The drop rates are extremely low


I haven’t had any drops either. The % is pretty low

I had a key drop earlier

Only had 1 Ice cream drop and 2 keys and I’m a hard raider.
Odds 1/5000 or something I bet

The crates have cones or keys?


Hit milestones zero keys zero cones

I really don’t know the point with add itens in the crates but make the odds too low

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All mine carry 50-85 yangs or yin’s. Which one is it?

Had 100 cones in a raid crate an hour ago.
Sad it’s almost as much as we get for 1st in the raid tourney.

Out of 68 crates ive gotten 200 cones and keys

I haven’t gotten any keys nor ice creams. I’m beginning to think there isn’t any real ice cream or keys in those crates at all.

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Tbh I didn’t even know there was ice cream and keys over 6k raid points since it started and nothing

scoely lying to us, i got 500+ crates and no one blue keys or ice cream

one bucket over large tub

I got a key before, now I’m left with 5k yuan I think.

Hit all milestones and none of either.

None at all in hundreds of crates the odds are shameful

Hit all milestones in every raid so far and 0 drops of keys and ice creams. Must be in the wrong bucket