Did they reduce crit chance?

I noticed that after the update crit chance went from 80% with Terri to 65% with Terri,did I miss something in the the update post?

This was before the small update that happened today

Now this is after the update

Maybe missing crits

Displayed 80, must’ve actually been 65 :thinking::man_shrugging:

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65% makes sense, considering how often crits don’t land


65% with territories is too low, should be atleast 75%

Am I missing something? If it’s 50% with spray paint it should be 80% with 30% crit territories, 50%+30%=80% still wondering if they hire retarded to make their coding

What is 30% of 50? They don’t add together

U don’t have nothing to do else than trolling?

50% x 0.15 = 7.5 x 2 = 65% only way I can get it. Should have been mentioned imo about the “fix”, change etc. But at least it shows the real? chance now

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How is that a troll buddy? It’s math. If 50% is the base and it’s an increase of 30% of the base it’s 50x1.30=65

No different than with the player XP territories as I explained to you before. If boot camp has 5887 as a base xp, with the 50% from territories you multiply 5887x1.50 and get 8831

Quick maffs :rofl:

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It’s just weird because it’s not entirely compounding and not entirely additive.

If it were entirely additive, .5 + .15 + .15 = .8 that makes sense.
If it were entirely compounding, .5 * 1.15 * 1.15 = .66125 that makes sense.
But they first add the bonuses then use compounding.
.5 * (1.3) = 0.65

OK so in English were they reduced? :joy:
Dumb it down for me.

Basically Earl got told tone down your trolling and reveal your true odss
Basically it was to prevent him saying this all the time after you went for abs def
“ha you thought you were getting abs def at 80% but really it was 65% and you can take my. Fresh hot turd instead loser”


So working as intended :joy:


But I thinks that just how they do it for everything. XP is the same way, you don’t get XP * 1.25 * 1.25. they add the bonuses together and then compound.

I’m not saying its right or wrong but that’s how they seem to have programmed it to work

Ну ранее например было: без предмета но с террами показывало +30%( в том числе и до обновления). а сейчас без предмета но с террами 7%.
Так что да ребята, нас в итоге надули…

Well, earlier, for example, it was: without an object but with terra it showed + 30% (including before the update). and now without an object but with terra 7%.
So yes guys, we were eventually fooled …

Not for everything :slight_smile:
If you start with a +30% weapon and bump +5% twice, it will show +40% but it’s actually (1.3*1.05*1.05= 1.43) +43%

I’m talking about territory bonuses but yes you are correct about that. Seperate people must have programmed those aspects