Did they NERFED again the crafting territories?!

Got 6x failed Huge AP in a row with DT and PK in em and with all crits and all success territories with it as well…doing a sneaky move again is it?!

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I swear that crit success comes in waves, at least for me it does.

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I see copy that, but Huge AP doesnt even need a crit success right? It should just be good with only normal success bonus plus the other two success territories would yield by right a high chance of success, but in my case its all but failed…!what the hell are they doing?!

Yes it does need crit success. I suggest only crafting with crits and pk for huge ap and 5% stuff. You only want crit success.

I’ve been failing over two months with 8 ap lol no joke, so nothing weird here

I’ve gotten huge 6 times in a row without terrorties lolz

Very large bonus is ok tho if the toon has 76 ap rush or lower and a huge bonus leader. Huge bonus leader and very large bonus weapon = 76 actually and will rush turn 3 or can rush turn 2 with a commander.

I see thanks a lot guys, but tbh previously i can get one failed and the next one will surely be a success, now its not, so for me it really does feels like it was nerfed or something, will just have to try and try again…cheers yall!

Did you recently transfer?

Nope i did not…

6 in a row is bad luck but it happens…

Curious, why would transferring affect the odds of success if they are totally random?

She is probably trying to eliminate variables that might impact the condition.

That shouldn’t be a variable, should be the same for everyone with no chance of variety.

You just dont understand how coding works. It doesnt exist in a vacuum and the random is never truly random at this point.

I actually very much understand how coding works, the only way transferring would affect critical success is if something like time spent on the server, amount of attempts (which might clear on server transfer) or something else like that is part of the equation. And if these are indeed variables then the chances are not “random” which in this case only means the same for everyone, with the ONLY things affecting success chance are materials and territories. But thank you for your first grade lesson on how you can’t really program something to be truly random, obviously you are a master coder…

I am a software developer at a major company so yes I am paid to know a thing or two about coding…

Same here, the whole week trying huge bonus AP and failed EVERY TRY even with the territories

And I have 10 guys like you that work under me, so what now? All you’ve done is make up some qualifications, not actually refute the point, so get your ass back to the code room monkey.

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